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Message from the author: Hello my name is Damont Combs or as many know me by Mr. Orange Live. I’m 2018 Poet of the Year and National Acclaimed Poetry Book author. Orange Live entertainment Poetry series is about connecting Damont’s poetry with great visuals involving his local community, including local businesss, sponsors, schools and more. His work tackles social issues, life issues and have an overall positive message about bringing together love and community. He is an artist activist. pay inequality, racism, and police brutality are common topics in his body of work. Orange Live is run off of of sponsorship, donations, and committed individuals with likeminded mindsets. "beautiful is blackness"-black art Black art started when I began to understand and appreciate my skin color and relationship to my culture and my people. Wanting to change the viewpoint society as superimposed on the black culture and a dark past I birthed black art! Black art sheds light on this relationship and brings positive black love to the forefront again on october 21st i hosted a video release party. The event is Sponsored by (Davinci Lounge, 2018 Entrepreneur of the year-BLISS SALON CEO -Christine Paige and Jacob Wright, Impact Everything on thayer st., CEO BEN AND COO D'SIGHA of OMGENTERTAINMENT and Cafe S.O.U.L Ceo Contessa brown and Mama Brown) I'd like to send a special thank you to my Team! Marie Michaelle - Fellow author and star actor Ezekiel - Star actor and male Model Michelle McQueen - Pianist and sister in Christ Activated - Filmography James Lastowski - Superhero Photographer and last but not least my wife- Yolanda Crockett-Combs Last but not least We are currently Accepting Donations to be able to continue to give you Quality Work. My mission is in these videos is to produce a positive impact in the African american community, Uplifting and celebrating youth and artist (poetry, actors, etc..) through my poetry and great storytelling. to donate right now please visit

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