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My poem my riddle.


I wait till the day of dancing and final goodbyes

to see the glitter sparkle in her eyes

that will only last until she realize and her joy dies

all that’s left is the pain shed and a weight lifting itself

she gave to gravity a portion of her life

no longer can i look into her strife

baring the weight as time seems to tell

i was forced to capture and remove all which i known was the well

finally piercing the essence of her memory

feeling the words a deaf man can't hear but also feel

as time slowed down for the few who were fare

and it seemed the background was so fast nothing was there

i spoken softly in her ear, words that made her shiver

the floor moved as we shared this moment

a pleasure unspoken but words were formed but couldn't escape

the soul of us were lost in a frame

blinded by the light as we looked who to blame

time no longer seemed to care

for in this matter we return to the darkness as i dared

we were at a place which was loved and hated at the same time

where wars were common but we fell into our own minds

as we swapped thoughts and a pleasure returned for its last journey home

she went into the place where love and hate coexist

all this hasn't happened yet but doesn't mean it won't exist.


this is a poem and a riddle

to those who do not understand it's only a poem

to those who think it becomes a riddle

and to those who figure out the answer to the riddle it’s a story.

Excerpt Poem-

Orange Plasmatic flames raise above all else
Consuming as is the most beautiful sight above all else
To the dawning of the sun to rise of the morning
To the burning of all things burning
Orange will rise
Camouflage in the wilderness life depends on it
To the deepest depths Of darkness accompanied by orange
Stripes resemblances long strips of fangs
The tigers true colors appear and Orange shows no fear
Juices flow in sun bathed bathes near the equators might
Only there in warm weather can an Orange tree grow
Orange seeds i spit seeds instead of spilling seeds that bleed
My heart orange
And until the Orange is recognized
I’ll keep wearing the brightly colored color
To the love songs sings notes in my favorite color
Orange to you I dedicate this poem too.
Orange I’ll admit ima lil just a tiny bit obsessed with you

Book no.2
Book no.1
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