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Damont Combs is Indie Author Legacy Award 2018 Poet of the Year, author of two poetry books: my poem…my riddle and A Touch Of Orange. We asked him a few questions about his life and art-making in Rhode Island for our series, Rhode Island Cultural Anchors.

Mollie Flanagan

Rhode island Council of the Arts

Damont Combs, who graduated from Johnson and Wales in Providence, appeared on GoLocal LIVE to talk about his books, "My Poem...My Riddle," and "A Touch of Orange."

Golocal LIVE with Kate Neagle


A Touch of Orange explores topics meant to inspire and elevate the mind.

In addition to writing poetry, songs, and plays, Combs’ art and passion for social issues have also led him to partnerships with non-profit organizations


Marissa Ballard


Damont Combs a poet from Southside Jamaica Queens NY and a graduate with a degree in Computer Technology Service from Johnson and Wales University. Mr. Combs otherwise known as Mr. Orange Live has released two books of poetry: My Poem... My Riddle, (Prysmatic  Dreams Publishing, 2015) and Damont Combs presents A Touch of Orange. (Kingdom Enterprise LLC, 2016) Mr. Orange’ has noted the brightly colored color at numerous venues and is 2018 poet of the year, 2019 RI mentor of the year and produced multiple award winning films in 2020.  

Mr. Combs is active in many writing organizations in his communities such as What Cheer writers club, the Association of Rhode Island Authors as the host of Lively Literati (monthly open mic). He is the poetry curator for RI own motif magazine and monthly podcast interviewer as well. He is also an active participant in the Langston Hughes Poetry committee as their Poet in Residence and resident teaching artist, He believes in bridging the gap of pay inequality for poets compared to other careers.

In 2019, Mr. Orange live CEO of Orange Live Entertainment created Tell Your Truth. Mr. Orange live presents tell your truth which is a poetry based open mic that encourages open dialogue on many of the topics Providence residences have on their hearts and minds. In 2020 Tell your truth was awarded a grant by RISCA for its positive community impact,  and later this year a grant by the city of providence to produce a poetry masterclass and a tell your truth event with frequency writers. He has also won an 2nd place at the chelmsford film festival for his poetry 101 promo video which is a documentary\masterclass on the introduction of poetry from the viewpoints of existing artists

“In Life and Business! Don't let your failures keep you down, fail better each time till you succeed." - Mr. Combs


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